Shipping as a full truckload, the truck would carry the load of only one shipper irrespective of whether the goods occupy the entire truck space or not. It will be an exclusive truckload. We deliver the goods entrusted in our care without any damage. We guarantee the complete safety of the shipment by sealing the truck once the goods are loaded. With FTL shipping you can send high valued and sensitive goods without any second thoughts as the truck space is not shared with others. You need not worry about any mix-up or goods changing hands or the goods being stuck with other goods.


LTL or Less-Than-Truckload freight shipping denotes the freight that does not require an entire truck space. It is a shipping method suitable for items that could be palletized. It is one of the cost-effective options to transport freight that are not large enough for a full truckload.

With the LTL shipping option we help small businesses by providing them with customized options that help meet their budget as well as requirements. Instead of waiting for shipments to fill an entire truckload, we improve the efficiency by ensuring that the load however small it may be, reaches the destination on time.